Below is an e-mail I received hope TAREI members look it over and follow their conscience.

TAREI Members Petition


This petition is not your vote. Agree or disagree with this petitions contents is OK. By signing this petition, come January 2008, at the TAREI Elections, the TAREI Members will be allowed to vote on these issues and decide the direction TAREI should go in the future. This petition gives our Membership a voice in the operations of our Association. You are helping your fellow TAREI Members by signing this petition and sending it in today. Don't hesitate, sign this petition today and let your voice be heard!


Paul W. Roebuck, Sr.

TAREI Petition
This petition expresses our desires and a list of the changes that we want to see occur with TAREI. We want to see these proposed changed placed onto the 2008 TAREI Ballot for the voting of the entire TAREI Membership. We want the following items changed and included in our TAREI Bylaws.
□Term limits for TAREI Board Members. Officers can serve a maximum of a three year period. There must be a three year waiting period after serving as the President before reapplying for a BOD position. If no qualified candidates are available, this bylaw can be waived by a majority vote of the TAREI Board.
□Past President Position becomes a non-voting position on the TAREI Board.
□Create positions on the TAREI Board of Director for all TAREI Chapter Chairpersons. Chapter elections should match TAREI's time frame. When a Chapter Chairperson is elected, they would automatically become a TAREI Board of Director Member. This will help us become geographical balanced and represented by our Members from across the State. This action will give every Chapter a voice at the State level of TAREI.
□An additional Chapter Member position on the TAREI Board of Director's for every thirty (30) chapter members. In other words, the more members a chapter has, the more representation they would have on the TAREI BOD. Chapters will have a voice.
□Leadership training classes for members interested in serving on the TAREI Board of Directors.
□Should a TAREI Board Member or Officer be allowed to serve simultaneously on another local or State Inspector Association Board?
□Should a TAREI Board Member or Officer be allowed to serve simultaneously on another National Inspector Association Board?
□Should a TAREI Board Member or Officer be allowed to teach or be an instructor with another educational provider while serving on the TAREI Board?
□Educational CE credit allowed by the Chapters at the TAREI Chapter meetings. No more than 8 hour annually.
□Annual audits and accountability for TAREI financial records by a Certified Public Accounting firm.
□Election ballots must be counted by a Certified Public Accounting firm.
□Election committee should be made up of 3 TAREI Officers and all Chapter Chairpersons. All qualified members by the TAREI Bylaws should qualify to be on the ballot.
□Elimination of the TAREI office that we pay rent on and seldom use. This is a waste of Members finances.
□Elimination of TAREI Policies that were made unfairly in 2007 and that contradict our bylaws. Membership should have a voice on all policy changes. Let's start fresh.

In addition, these are other items that we want as members benefits.
üNegotiate group benefits for Members. Examples would a medical, life, disability type insurance package for TAREI Members at reduced rates.
üNegotiate group E&O and General Liability coverage at a TAREI group rate.
üImprove the TAREI web site, optimize the site, Inspector search feature and add a forum on-line for discussions among our Members.
üMembership demands a voice in TAREI business.
üAccountability to the Membership for the TAREI Board of Directors actions. All policy changes should be voted on by the membership.

I agree that we need changes in TAREI. I want to see TAREI Bylaw changes made to reflect the above statements. I want to see these items listed on the 2008 TAREI election ballot.
Members Name: ___________________________________ License Number: __________
Email Address: ____________________________________ Phone #: ________________

***Please return via email to all TAREI Board of Director Members. Below are the email addresses: ***;;;;;;;;;;;

Sign The Petition and
Speak Up!
This is your chance to be heard. The petition is already working and positive results are developing. Don't hesitate, sign this petition today and let you voice be heard. A better TAREI is on it's way!

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