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    Default Post this in the "Takes the cake" column or "Typical Realtor BS" column

    Did an inspection about a month ago. This transaction has been snake bit from the beginning. what can go wrong has gone wrong. Basically owners house has been bought by his relo co and he just don't give a dang if it sells or not , knows it and likes showing his rear. Here is one incidence that made me LMAO. As part of the inspection I note that the florescent lights in the basement garage ( without fire rating mind you and a lawn mower in the middle) cannot be powered by using extensions cord over to a light socket with an adapter in it to turn it into an outlet. Agent gets a contractor to come out and work my list. Contractor calls electrician to get him to sign off on the lights as acceptable as is. Sparky says no way, they should be removed and bulbs installed in the fixtures. Contractor passes this to realtor. realtor sends an email back that says, (not kidding here, I have the emails) "THATS NOT WHAT YOU TOLD HIM TO SAY,the letter from the electrician did not state that the circuit was not overloaded and that he wouldrecommend using the 3 prong extension cords. Can we get that please?. AND BTW I'm leaving to go out of town in 3 days so I need it by Friday". WTFreak.I wonder how much this goes on with an agent telling the contractor what to say and how often the capitulate?

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    Default Re: Post this in the "Takes the cake" column or "Typical Realtor BS" column

    I wouldn't say "Typical Realtor" but I have encountered similar BS too. I tend to divide Realtors into two groups. Agents and Sales people. An agent represents his clients best interests, a sales person just wants to move merchandise. The end justifies any method that they won't be jailed for.


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