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    I don't like re-inspections. Here are excerpts from my "return visit policy' in my reports: trying to schedule return visitsis very difficult. I can usuallyschedule return inspections within 72 hours, but the return visit cannot bescheduled for a specific day or time.

    I try to be very detailed inthe report so you can determine if you wish to undertake repairs yourself, orso you can determine if they have been done properly. If I recommend a professional, such as anelectrician, you should ask for a copy of the work order or invoice.

    If a return visit is necessary, I willreturn for a minimum fee of seventy five dollars ($75.00). This fee may be larger depending on how muchtime is required on site (e.g. if I have to enter the attic and crawlspaceagain). Return visits will only be toinspect improvements recommended in the original report, or to inspect itemsthat were not accessible or could not be inspected during the original visit. I must have a list of items to be checkedbefore returning to the property.

    There are times when a re-inspection is justified, like a couple weeks ago when the sellers were not home and the award winning 1932 Ford Coupe was under the only attic access. I could not enter the attic, so we don't know if there were any problems.

    I got a request to re-inspect a 4 plex, actually two duplexes on the same lot built at different times. There were numerous problems with the roof, electrical problems in every attic, etc. I figured my re-inspection would take a couple hours at least (4 different attic accesses, remember). I called the listing agent and he said a licensed roofer and electrician did the repairs (good contractors, in fact, I have used both of them). I called the buyers agent and told her this would be a couple hundred dollar re-inspection and most of it was not really necessary. She said the client insists and is willing to pay me up front.

    So here (finally) is my question. Does anyone have stronger comments or policies regarding re-inspections? I would like to just say no, but there are times like the obstructed attic access or an out of town client when a re-inspection is not an unreasonable request. But if a licensed contractor made the improvements (and receipt is available) does anyone just refuse to do a re-inspection?

    My plan is to change my comment to read a minimum fee of $150 (or more), and maybe say something about not re-inspecting items improved by a licensed contractor. And/or not re-inspecting items that any client could see for themselves.

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    Default Re: re-inspections

    I have a slightly different take. I would not call that a RE-inspection although I don't have a better term. I don't have a problem going back to finish an inspection and I work it into the schedule just like anything else. Of course there is a fee for this service unless it is my fault (rare indeed!)
    If I go back, I will be paid at the normal rate. And I treat it just like any other inspection with my minimum fee being $150 just to show up and going up from there depending on the amount of time it will take.

    Reinspections of something I have already inspected for the purpose of evaluating repairs are a horse of a different color. I don't like them and openly discourage my client but sometimes there is a need, like for out of town buyers. Again my minimum fee is $150 just to show up with the normal fee being 1/2 of the original inspection fee and i only inspect the items specifically listed on the repair addendum.

    My take on all of the above is to let your price dictate what you do or don't inspect. Like crawl spaces foundations, I charge extra because I don't like doing them but if I do them I will get paid enough extra to overcome my discomfort!

    Rather than try to come up with some better verbiage, just raise your price which will speak for itself.

    Jim Luttrall
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