Hi CA inspectors,

A couple of new bills that are before the California State Assembly that CA home inspectors might want to know about. These came from the CREIA TIE message board.

AB 1357, written by Assembly member Chu, was apparently sponsored by a large home & roof inspection company in order to allow them to inspect and provide repairs while simultaneously preventing home inspectors from inspecting and commenting on a roof that had previously been inspected or repaired by a roofing contractor. I feel this is a clear violation of the current B&P 7196.2 conflict of interest clause.

AB 717, written by Assembly member Dababneh, is an attempt to require licensing of home inspectors through the Contractors State License Board.
Bill Text - AB-717 Home inspectors.

I recommend writing your state representatives as well as commenting directly to the authors through the state portal to let them know your opinion. Laws like these affect inspectors, buyers and owners alike.

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