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    Default Finally... Austin, TX inspectors

    Well they finally did it. Five years after the IRC 2003 was issued and two years after the IRC 2006 was issued, Austin has finally upgraded to the current IRC 2006 code from using the IRC 2000.

    And believe it or not, they didn't hack it all to pieces with dumb amendments, etc. (For the most part).

    It has amazed me for the last four years that in an area that is one of the fasting growing in the country (in regards to new construction), it took five years to catch up with the norm and current standards.

    The other small cities that are considered part of this metro area have already been using the IRC 2006. In areas where the cities overlap it has been a pain in rear to have to find out which jurisdiction and which code to use as a reference. (I do a lot of new home inspections.)

    So as they say, "Better late than never." Here's to hoping that they don't wait another five years to upgrade again!


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    Default Re: Finally... Austin, TX inspectors


    That is good news for the citizens of Austin.

    I drove down to Austin yesterday from Dallas to inspect a home for a mother of a good friend of mine.

    She didn't know anyone down there and I've known her for years.

    Drove down, inspected the house, and drove straight back.


    Just curious, does Austin require you to leave extra Teflon tape of plumbing fixture for future repairs?


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    Default Re: Finally... Austin, TX inspectors

    Yeah Rick, That is one of those "dumb amendments" to the code I was talking about!

    Man, stealing my business and you didn't even offer to take me out to lunch while you were here?



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