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    Red face California Licensing

    For as much faith and trust put in us home inspectors, California still does not have a licensing or regulating body. Personally I think this is wrong. I am a Licensed B General Contractor and Structural Pest Control Operator, both for 24+ years. I see home inspectors everyday when I am on the Termite inspecting side do inspections that my 9 year old grandson can do. So many of the real estate agents think that ASHI or CREIA are the licensing bodies, but in reality they are only associations that we can choose to belong to! The State Contractors Board doesn't want us nor does the Structural Pest Control Board.

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    Default Re: California Licensing

    It's just another way for the gov'mint to dig into your pocket.

    If state mandated licensing was such a great idea, y'all wouldn't be whining about all those state licensed drivers out there on the road!

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    Default Re: California Licensing

    Sorry but this is just dum stuff to me.

    First we have Civil law. Then we have Criminal law.

    Now why would anyone want a Lic Law body

    The first 2 cover it all.

    Other then its a good way to get some money out of the inspection industry.

    Ron Bibler
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    Default Re: California Licensing

    Greg, are you saying that state licensing would improve the quality of home inspections in California, or anywhere else for that matter?
    Please clarify........................... thank you.

    Jerry McCarthy
    Building Code/ Construction Consultant


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