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    Agent stated that the pink, loose fill insulation is allowed to be in contact with furnace, water heater, and chimney flue pipes.

    I have never heard this, can he be correct?

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    The only one I know that claims it is non combustible is Certainteeds product they call (Insulsafe) an unbonded white virgin loose fill blown in product. But you said pink in color so you probably do not have insulsafe. Anyone no of any other non combustible blown in insulation? Ask him if he is a Home Inspector or Realtor?

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    Real estate agent folk lore, very similar to home inspector folk lore. Ask them to provide the document that says it's OK.

    First the fiberglass insulation is not going to catch fire, Pink, White or whatever. It will melt if it gets hot enough, say around 1800f. If it has Kraft paper on it, that will burn.

    The clearance on the flue pipe has more to do with the cooling of the pipe. Also if batt, blow-in or loose fill is on the pipe the insulation can and will channel the heat from the flue pipe to anything combustible. I have seen a wooden ceiling joist about two feet away from the flue pipe with a charred spot on it. The insulation channeled the heat directly from the metal chimney to the joist.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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    See Scott's answer.

    As hard as it is to sometimes remain polite; but in any similar situation where a Realtor wants to "correctly inform" you, simply respond

    "I'm sorry that you were misinformed. If someone with your level of experience was misled by such dangerously bad information, it's possible that my Client will be equally confused. I'll be certain to explain why I have said what I have in the callout. Thank you so much for telling me what you had been told."

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    Talking Re: Insulation


    Rule #1. If their lips are moving, they are usually lying.

    Next time ask to see their Inspectors License.

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    I don't mind telling them that their statement is contrary to what we know today as opposed to the way we used to do things certain ways-- like the way we made the Ford Pinto, installing aluminum wiring, using lead paint, using asbestos everywere, etc...

    I also tell the client that I can and will put the code in the report if they like. The buyer usually says, 'That's good'nuff for me'.



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