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    Default Joist toe nailed over garage 20x24

    This house was built in 77 by a quality builder. I have questions about the garage which is part of the house. The ceiling joist are only toe-nailed to the top plate and there are 2 2x6 nailed across the top of them.They are not nailed to the knee walls or the rafters. There are 3 joist that have twisted and 1 brace for ridge beam has bowed also. There is another section of the home where the joist are only nailed to the top plate as well. The home does have brick walls up to the joists then plywood. The home also has plywood collar ties. Is this proper? ( The ceiling joist above the garage are running straight from garage door to back wall, rest of house is going from outside wall to outside wall.)

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    Default Re: Joist toe nailed over garage 20x24

    Toe nailing ceiling joist is not an issue, a ceiling joist spanning 20 or 24 feet could be.
    As far as the other issues a picture would make this sooooo much easier to see.


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