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    Default Roof Framing

    Could I get some comment on the framing in this attic?

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    Default Re: Roof Framing

    I can't tell enough by the picture, but it doesn't look like there are any purlins installed for the braces to attach to. The purlins give the rafters structural integrity by tying them together, and also by acting as a stiffback for the braces.

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    Default Re: Roof Framing

    Thanks for the reply Darrell.

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    Default Re: Roof Framing


    I'm confused... there are purlins installed on both sides.


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    Default Re: Roof Framing

    Double check purlin size. They look like 2x4 and the rafters appear to be 2x6.

    Not that anyone will do anything about it now ... but ....

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    Richard: I see the "purlins" in the photo. They are not the right size and the braces are not cut under them or attached to them in any way as far as I can see.

    No, probably nobody will do anything about it now. I probably see more incorrect roof framing in houses built in the last 10 to 15 years than any other defect. Most framers are not given proper training or none at all. Just show up on the job and jump in there and go to work.

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    Question Re: Roof Framing

    Darrell, Nolan, I am not recommeding a fix, but out of curiosity what would you do to fix this at this point short of starting over.

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    Jim: If the roof appears straight and the rafters are all on the same plane, with no undulation or noticeable unevenness, I would make recommendations, rather than calling for repairs. If you do this, IMHO, you will be serving your client well.

    2x6 purlins could be installed alongside the 2x4 purlins. Sway braces or struts could be cut under or attached properly to the purlins. Any unnecessary bracing could be removed to remove the clutter from the attic space. It is a somewhat difficult to work in an attic with all the insulation, wiring, ductwork, etc. Sometimes it is also hard to get good lengths of material in to the attic space.


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    Aside from the framing, I don't like the plumbing vent. I would like to see at least a slight angle toward the plumbing connection to prevent any condensation and possible freezing. Looks like it may already have a slight sag for insufficient support.


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