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    Default Check this out!!!

    So glad its a three day weekend. In the report I'm simply going to say framing is a beaut!

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    Post Re: Check this out!!!

    This looks like something that was done while under the influence.

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    That place has history. It looks like something Daniel Boone might have built.

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    Whats the big deal, they DID notch the logs.

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    When that carbonized/pyrolized wood (first pic) and the fire restoration work is finaly undertaken to be COMPLETED - the issues can be addressed at that time. Liken the presence pictured to storing gasoline in the attic - may spontaneously combust in attic temps summer at your altitude.

    Low slope, undersized support for your snow loads, especially post fire event, improperly repaired and never properly remediated post-fire event.

    In the meantime the clients may well have difficulty with imdeminty and occupancy. Special underwriting (expensive, short term) until remediated.

    Obviously the cut branches/logs in Pic 3 & Pic 2 are ungraded, not debarked, and not allowed under any circumstances. The ungraded "crate wood" replacement board sheathing above (Pic 2) voids, etc. obviously ungraded.

    Keep the fireworks away from the roof! As you well know can combust at temps well below that of regular lumber - and has little to no structural strength to be relied upon.

    Exposed, unshielded, unprotected NM not allowed so close to roof deck, subject to nail punctures, etc. Route the exhaust to outdoors, and/or correct leaks in the central vac system.

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