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    Default Trusses on Modular Homes

    How are the trusses supposed to be tied together on a modular home? I ran into one today (older) which has them offset and not tied but just resting on a double 2x4 over the bearing wall. I have some awesome picts...but will need to resize before I can upload them.

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    Default Re: Trusses on Modular Homes

    engineered sytem so check the engineering! if there is no engineering available do not make a wag!

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    Default Re: Trusses on Modular Homes

    I owned at one time an modular built in 1978, those trusses were off set, the only thing I ever came up with it prevented any hang ups or problems when the bumped the two sections together, but that didnt really add up because the center walls where the two met were 2x3's and there was a small space between the two walls. When I productioned framed in the 70's and 80's we used to lay out left to right front to back, somebody occasionally made a stoner move and there was corrections after the top plate was raised, who knows if they make the same error but it really does not matter, as long as the truss bears on the stud.Its basically two boxes with a shed roof and as long as the two sections that meet in the middle have a secured continual load path.

    When you say resting on the 2x4 wall, you mean no fastners securing upper half truss to plate?? Mine had a 7'-6" Floor to ceiling height for transporting and the 2 feet of roof sheathing was actually hinged. they had small triangular trusses with gussets to tie to the lower main and the two halves floated but technically was secured on the outside foundation and down to the middle girder system.It was also my first encounter with truss uplift in 1996 when I bought the place, I knocked down the popcorn ceiling and textured it, only to see the cracks return the following winter. I had to go up, cut the nails and install simpson truss up lift brackets.

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