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    Default Insulation Identification

    House originally built in 1959.

    The attic insulation appears at first glance to be fiberglass, but given the asbestos laden era of the houses original construction I want to make sure my ignorance isn't over looking another possibility.

    The batts are stiffer than current fiberglass and the textured surface is new to me also.

    So does anyone think there is a possibility this insulation is something other than fiberglass and might have asbestos fibers in it ?


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    Default Re: Insulation Identification

    White fibreglass batts. No asbestos.

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    Default Re: Insulation Identification

    Believe it or not...some of the oldest fiberglass had one the exposed surfaces with a thin layer of the fibers fuzed together to make it easier to handle and more stable...I think they stopped because it added cost.

    Jeff Zehnder - Home Inspector, Raleigh, NC

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    Default Re: Insulation Identification

    Looks like "Mineral Wool" batts to me.

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    Default Re: Insulation Identification

    Quote Originally Posted by H.G. Watson, Sr. View Post
    Looks like "Mineral Wool" batts to me.
    That was my guess too.

    The above statements are expressed solely as my opinion and in all probability will conflict with someone else's.
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    Default Re: Insulation Identification

    definitely not asbestos.

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