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    Default Reporting Zonolite

    How do you report finding Zonolite in an Attic? What do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Reporting Zonolite

    I let the clients know that it has been know to contain asbestos and it should be tested.

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    Default Re: Reporting Zonolite

    : VERMICULITE/ZONITE: Vermiculite insulation. Some types of vermiculite insulation include asbestos. Only way to confirm asbestos is by lab test. Recommend do not disturb. Recommend EPA website for further information. Asbestos | OPPT | US EPA

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    Default Re: Reporting Zonolite

    Also, while it is good that it is somewhat contained in the bags, the bags themselves are potential fire risks (like the paper facing on batt insulation, which should not be left exposed).

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired

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    Default Re: Reporting Zonolite

    I second the D. Banks post. That would be an appropriate response/ notification to the potential buyer.



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