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    Default What kind of attic insulation is this?

    After 10 years of doing inspections, you see something that makes you think.... no allusions here that I have seen everything, that would be really tempting fate!

    Found this insulation in the attic of a California 1978 tract home. It's shreded pieces of fibrous material that is about 5" deep, takes some effort to break apart, and sort of a consistency like straw type packing material. Feels like a coarse Nabisco shreded wheat cereal. I don't think that it is likely that the original insulation has been replaced. The color in the picture is a good representation of the color in-person.

    BTW: This roof has Monier roof tiles before tar paper or sheathing was used.

    I saw a reference to hemp insulation, but couldn't find a picture that had the right color. It must be pretty rare.

    Anybody recognize it? Thanks for all help. No reward, this is just for curiosity.


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    Default Re: What kind of attic insulation is this?

    Your photo didnt appear on my tablet, but from what you have described, it may be "Silvawool" which was a Weyerhaeuser product. Shreds or slivers of wood treated with fire retardant....


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