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    Quote Originally Posted by dan orourke View Post
    is what would seems to be normal type of loose fill insulation.
    Which is?

    Fiberglass? Rock wool? Cellulose? ??

    If 'fiberglass', it could be parts not mixed throughly when manufactured - I've see 'the pink stuff' with dark pink areas, kind of in 'clumps' (but not really 'clumps').

    Jerry Peck
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    You say the purple stuff is limited to that area only. Doesn't sound like insulation to me. Is there any chance it's dryer lint from a (possibly now-relocated) dryer duct discharge?

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    Back in the 70-80's there was a spray foam insulation that was purple.

    I think it was banned because of formaldehyde off-gassing and it shrank after installation.

    Was there any evidence of removal of a sprayed on product?

    Of course it might just be left-over easter decorations from stuff stored in the attic.

    Jim Luttrall
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    My quess is that it is torn up carpeting pad material. I've seen that same purple looking material and found out it was padding.

    If it does not have that strofoam appearance then it could be dryer lint as suggested.

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    The insulated duct appears to be wet towards the bottom. Is this an AC duct?


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