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    Default Taking out a wall....

    So we must need to install a beam to support the ceiling. Just cut those 5 bottom truss chords and we will hang them to the beam with joist hangers. I know this is right, I saw it on TV!

    Flipper cut 5 bottom chords on trusses and installed a beam. I think my buyers left this one a little faster than a walk. This was actually a pretty nice house until they screwed it up. I was kind of hoping the buyers would get and engineer to tell us how to repair but they didn't hang around that long.

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    Default Re: Taking out a wall....

    Unbelievable. Some people should be barred from using tools.

    For repairs, I imagine large plywood gusset plates both sides of every truss with lots of nails. Maybe remove the redundant beam first.

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    Default Re: Taking out a wall....

    Some people should be barred from thinking while restoring.

    Too bad the purchasers didn't pursue repair costs evaluationa by a licensed contractor.

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