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    Default heater in shower

    I wrote up a combo ceiling light/exhaust fan/heater (not lamp- a heater with a fan) installed in a shower stall. 9 foot ceilings, as far as I can tell it's not on a gfci. In addition to the wall showerhead, there is a ceiling/rain showerhead only a foot from the heater. No shower door, and the shower is open to a non-whirlpool tub. These probably don't make any difference, either it's allowed or not.

    Appears to be original in a 1999 upscale spec home. Seller stated all (@ 30) homes in this subdivision have this. I checked a nearby vacant home, and it does have the same unit in the shower ceiling. I know there are heat lamps rated for damp use, but are there electric fan/heaters allowed in a shower ceiling?


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    Default Re: heater in shower


    It doesn't look like a big problem to me. It would be necessary to know if this unit is rated for damp areas. The included diagram does not include a heater, but I doubt I would have made a comment. Doesn't hurt to, of course, since you don't know if it is rated for damp locations.

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    Default Re: heater in shower

    I opened up a few of those, and the newer ones said okay for use in a wet location when protected by a GFCI circuit.

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