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    Default High Profile Concrete Tile Roof


    Long time reader, first post.
    I would appreciate some objective comments on the attached pictures.
    This is a view from the attic of the underside of a high profile concrete tile roof. The house was built in the '80's and is located in Austin, TX.

    This home was previously remediated of mold damage. The company that did the work swears the roof is solid. I can not image how they can make that claim.


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    Default Re: High Profile Concrete Tile Roof

    Those look like "Villa" style tiles, with lead flashing.

    No decking or underlayment?

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    Default Re: High Profile Concrete Tile Roof

    Looks like "Villa Roll" ( "W" ) shaped tile.

    The lead flashings on top indicate it is a "System One" roof, except that System One roofs had underlayment under the tile, it just was not sealed to anything anywhere. I've also always seen flashings used under the tile at walls, valleys, etc., which had 'slater's edges' - edges which were bent up and angled back toward the flashing to catch water, with lead flashing used over top of them along walls - such as is shown in that photo where one roof is higher than the other roof.

    No roof sheathing is something I've only heard of 'out west' (like in Arizona and New Mexico, some in California), didn't know it was allowed in Texas.

    Any, I will repeat that ... *ANY*, broken tile is a "roof leak" as the tile is being used as the waterproof covering.

    The lack of sheathing was probably 'designed' like that, however, the roof structure is much weaker with spaced sheathing than if it had plywood or OSB panels for the roof sheathing.

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    Default Re: High Profile Concrete Tile Roof


    Not saying this is what you were inspecting but check this site. No. Cal appears to have the most depictions of their products and install info

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    BTW Pflugerville ain't Austin

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