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    Default Kneewall insulation

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    You gotta keep those nasty convective currents under lock and key.
    Insulation is good. Insulation is very good. But sealants are the deal.
    By the way, thanks for the tankless water heater info in another thread.
    I book marked it.

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    Great piece of information. In my area, Alaska, an infrared camera can see what they are discussing very easily in the winter. With a slight breeze blowing at 20 degrees, the temperature difference shows quite well in the walls where there is wind wash. I wished I had the picture I took last year of just this situation (laptop was stolen). Everywhere they have the arrows in the Dominion illustration, the Flir thermal image showed a temperature difference of upto ten degrees. The one thing that must be stressed that there must be an air gap between the roof sheathing and the insulation in the rafters. And there must be a wind barrier (baffles) on the exposed ends of insulation at the soffits.


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