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Thread: rafter hangers

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    Default rafter hangers

    Beach front new construction. Found rafters separating from wall. Recommending to install rafter hangers but can't seem to find code ref. Any comments?

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    Default Re: rafter hangers

    Texas Department of Insurance should govern new construction on the coast. Hangers should have been there to start with to deal with uplift and shear forces.

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    Default Re: rafter hangers

    Having inspected the SE Texas market for many years before moving to the Dallas area ... I had to keep in mind just 'where' the home I was inspecting was located.

    As noted ... there are a lot of different and additional items to look for from the Gulf of Mexico beach inland. Varying degrees of "inland wind" ratings/requirements.

    IRC won't necessarily have it ... local AHJ and TDI trumps many things due to high winds.

    For example even the roll-up garage doors installed in Spring would not pass requirements in Kemah or League City.


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