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    Inspected this property and noticed the rock chimney facade is built directly on the roof decking, 1/2 OSB, 2x6 rafters 24" OC. No additional support under the rock, about 3 inches of deflection. Referred it out to a contractor.

    What are the requirements for building something like this, if any. Saw several other "features" that suggest the builder may need to find another trade.


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    From the 2006 IRC.

    R703.7.2.2 Support by roof construction.
    A steel angle shall be placed directly on top of the roof construction. The roof supporting construction for the steel angle shall consist of a minimum of three 2-inch by 6-inch (51 mm by 152 mm) wood members. The wood member abutting the vertical wall stud construction shall be anchored with a minimum of three 5/8-inch (16 mm) diameter by 5-inch (127 mm) lag screws to every wood stud spacing. Each additional roof member shall be anchored by the use of two 10d nails at every wood stud spacing. A minimum of two-thirds the width of the masonry veneer thickness shall bear on the steel angle. Flashing and weep holes shall be located in the masonry veneer wythe in accordance with Figure R703.7.2.2. The maximum height of the masonry veneer above the steel angle support shall be 12 feet, 8 inches (3861 mm). The air space separating the masonry veneer from the wood backing shall be in accordance with Sections R703.7.4 and R703.7.4.2. The support for the masonry veneer on wood construction shall be constructed in accordance with Figure R703.7.2.2.

    - The maximum slope of the roof construction without stops shall be 7:12. Roof construction with slopes greater than 7:12 but not more than 12:12 shall have stops of a minimum 3 inch
    3 inch 1/4 inch (76 mm 76 mm 6 mm) steel plate welded to the angle at 24 inches (610 mm) on center along the angle or as approved by the building official.

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