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    House was around 65 years old. Had metal rafters, metal main beam and metal joists. Could not see any means of how the wood roof sheathing attached to the metal rafters. I was able to move / lift the sheathing by prying my screwdriver between the metal rafter and wood.

    Any ideas on why this sheathing hasn't blown off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis R View Post
    Any ideas on why this sheathing hasn't blown off?

    Because you don't live in Florida?

    Almost looks like (actually, it looks like it) the metal rafters were intended to be installed the other way up, allowing the roof sheathing to be nailed to the wood furring in the rafters.

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    Installed upside down as ec Jerry said. Popular for a short time in the 70s as was metal floor girders with glue-down 1-1/8" thick plywood subfloor.
    What you see in the photo triggered a new terminology, "Metal-butchers."

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