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    Default Chimney chase, this is a first

    I have yet to come accross this type of configuration. Isn't a drip edge required?

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    Default Re: Chimney chase, this is a first

    I'm just getting into the inspection business, but it seems to me that some sort of drip edge with a capillary break is in order. The whole thing looked pretty flat, I'm not sure how well it will shed water.It was a little hard to tell from the photo but it also looked like some kind of a boot around the flue was somewhat raised. I would also think a little better detail would have been for the screen to come all the way down to keep out birds and animals. Just my two cents worth. Tim

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    Default Re: Chimney chase, this is a first

    It's called: "A leaker."

    There is no "drip edge".

    Additionally, fasteners down through it are also known as "leakers".

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