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    Default Vinyl siding only on garage?

    I came across a first today. While inspecting a free standing garage structure I realized, there was no sheeting over the 2x4's, only a thin layer of foam insulation ( not even the thickness of Blueboard insulation found under a lot of siding) and the vinyl siding. I would think this is a code violation, checking into that ( Ohio Code )

    Any thoughts, have you ever run into this?

    Have not written this up yet.

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    Default Re: Vinyl siding only on garage?

    It needs diagonal bracing if there is no sheathing.

    John Kogel

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    Default Re: Vinyl siding only on garage?

    The sheathing provides the shear resistance. Unless there is diagonal bracing in the walls, that would be one issue.

    The exposed paper on the insulation is another issue.

    Also, R703.11.1 says that "Vinyl siding, soffit and accessories
    shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation

    I doubt that the manufacturer allows the siding to be installed without any sheathing


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