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    Question Thermo Sheath Age

    How long can Thermo Sheath be exposed to the environment before it has to be removed and replaced? Is there any code or standard? This picture doesn't really show it up close, but this house has been sitting like this for months (since late Feb). The sheathing is delaminating, and holding water like a sponge (moisture meter showed it at 43% after two days of hot weather and no rain). At what point would you recommend the builder pull it off and replace it with new?

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    Default Re: Thermo Sheath Age

    From the IRC:
    - Section R201
    - - General
    - - - R201.3 Terms defined in other codes. Where terms are not defined in this code such terms shall have meanings ascribed to them as in other code publications of the International Code Council.

    Okie dokie, we go to the other 'I' codes because 'veneer' is not defined in the IRC.

    From the IBC:
    - Section 202
    - - Definitions
    - - - VENEER. See Section 1402.1.

    - Section 1402
    - - Definitions
    - - - 1402.1 General. The following words and terms shall, for the purposes of this chapter and as used elsewhere in this code, have the meanings shown herein.
    - - - - VENEER. A facing attached to a wall for the purpose of providing ornamentation, protection or insulation, but not counted as adding strength to the wall.

    Okie dokie, the veneer does not as adding strength to the wall, i.e., it carries no loading factor, the wall supports the loads placed on the veneer.

    From the Legacy Report on Thermo-Sheath Sheathing:
    - 4.0 Findings
    - - That the Thermo-Sheath Sheathing described in this report complies with the 1997 Uniform Building Code, subject to the following conditions:
    - - 4.1 Installation complies with this report and the manufacturer's instructions.
    - - 4.2 An approved exterior wall covering, capable of resisting loads perpendicular to the face of the wall is installed over the sheathing.

    There are some other good tid bits in that report too.

    Call National Shelter Products, Inc., 22526 SE 64th Place, Suite 230, Issaquah, Washington 98027 and ask them how long it can be exposed.

    Not that (it appears) it matters.

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired


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