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    Do you see a problem with the install of these shingls. Look at the tar strip.

    Sorry for the PDF. The files were to big to up load as a standard JPEG.



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    The different shades/ colors are by design. I can't remember who manufactured those shingles, but I see a lot of issues with "crazing" with them. Quite often they aren't sealed down well in areas as well.

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    While the installation looks wrong with regard to laying the shingles, the dark areas, as I recall, there to present a shadow effect when viewed from the ground.

    I never liked those as I never liked they way they 'laid flat', or, more accurately stated "did not" 'lay flat', and when not laying flat, the sealant strip does not seem to seal the shingles together properly.

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    I think those are GAF and the black is just as Jerry said, imitation shadow lines.

    I too, generally find these to be cracked, particularly on the south and west facing planes of the roof.

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    I think they are a Certainteed product called the Hallmark Shangle. They are 300# per square and the black is for a shadow affect.

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    This looks like a Hallmark Shingle made by Pabco. I havent seen Pabco around for some years now so replacements are impossible.
    The design is made this way and the dark area is in fact an intended shadow line. When they are new it looks like a zebra stripe in the intendations but this shingle is quite old and therefore worn on the striping.
    If you bend a corner of the shingle up to a 90 degree angle then back down you can estimate their age. The point the corner breaks off is the factor to get their age. Very brittle is 25- 30 years old but if it breaks at the 90 point is half age (15- 20) etc. All the way up and back is supple and likley 5 years old or so.

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    Yes, the coloring is for appearance. Not a tar strip... and btw is this a post everyone agrees on! Is this a first?

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