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    Default ICF Construction

    I am hoping someone can give me input on Insulated Concrete Form construction. I recently inspected a home in Port St. Lucie built in 2004 with ICF construction. After performing a non invasive visual examination of the building’s exterior it appears that the home has been constructed utilizing ICF methodology with a Portland cement stucco veneer finish. This type of finish has two competing schools of thought:
    1) The I.C.F. Manufacturer’s Association specifies that a fiberglass
    mesh should be applied to the base coat (1st of two) of the stucco veneer finish.

    2) The Portland Cement Manufacture’s Association specifies that the
    stucco veneer should be installed over a wire mesh that is not bonded to the
    1st coat of ICF system.

    It is obvious that neither system has been applied to this structure; therefore, no opinion can be offered as to the future
    performance of this building system. Pronounced exterior wall cracks and holes were observed on the exterior of the building. Are there any remedies available? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
    Jean Anne Baker
    Home Spec Solutions
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    Default Re: ICF Construction

    Have any pictures. The few that I have seen have the fiberglass mesh evident through the golfball holes in the stucco and foam.

    Paul Kondzich
    Ft. Myers, FL.

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    Default Re: ICF Construction

    You commented that "Pronounced exterior wall cracks and holes were observed on the exterior of the building." All future performance concerns aside, there appears to be ample evidence that current performance is sub-standad based on your description.

    I would pesonally be inclined to document my findings at the time of inspection and recommend repairs by a qualified contractor. I would refrain from trying to predict future performance or outcomes and I would not I get overly technical about specifying an exact repair methodology.

    While I admire your diligence and desire to dig deeper into this on behalf of your client, I think it prudent to remember that, as home inspectors, we are generalist standing as the watchmen on the outer line of defense. Our job is to sound the alarm when we see trouble and then to let those in a position to actually remedy the problem decide how best to accomplished that end. I think we all tend to forget this from time to time as our own experience and expertise grows. Its a good idea however to take a step back when we find ourselves tempted to step over the line.


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