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    Default Wind mitigation forms

    Can anyone tell me the following requirements (house mounted bolt size & quantity). This is from page 3 of the new wind mit form - H. All glazed exterior openings are covered with plywood/OSB meeting the requiements of Section 1609 and Table 1609.1.4 of the 2004 FBC (with 2006 supplements).

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    The spacing depends on the size of the anchor screw and the span of the plywood from anchor screw to anchor screw.

    The smaller the anchor screw, the closer the spacing; the shorter the span, the closer the spacing; and vice versa.

    The closest spacing required is 8 inches on center, so if you find the anchors at 8 inches on center or closer, then that is good ... as long as the anchor screws are #8 or larger, the embedment length is at least 2-inches, the span of the plywood is 8 feet or less,

    Likewise, and conversely, the greatest spacing allowed is 16 inches on center, but finding 16 inches on center does NOT make it good (see above comment).

    Also keep in mind that the panels need to be pre-cut, pre-drilled, the anchors must be permanently installed into the wall, and the panels should also be labeled as to where each panel goes (unless all panels are the same size and all holes are space the same - which is highly unlikely).

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