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    Default Re: Is this a concern?

    My advice is report what you see, always!!! Looks trivial but trust me later they will claim that that water seeped under the garage door and ruined their $10,000 Persian carpet.
    Here's another HI mantra: "Take no prisoners!" or “No good deed goes unpunished.”

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    Default Re: Is this a concern?

    I dont think I ever saw one that didnt leak. These are only supposed to provide some protection from excessive rains and small critters. Personally, I dont think you would want one that was water proof. The idea is that your garage floor is sloped to allow water run off from your car (rain, snow, AC) to move out of the garage. You could certainly write it up if you feel strongly about it.

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    In my concrete days we would have the concrete pitch away from garage door. That was probably flat or even negative toward door. Most concrete guys have the form secured directly against foundation under the trim. (Level)
    They then screed off the form so garage door fits. If they do not go out of their way to take their hand float and create pitch from door area to form you get what you have.


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