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    Default Expansion joints at window edges in masonry walls

    Took me quite a bit of time to run this down, so I thought I would post the link for future reference:

    "Expansion Joints for Windows"

    Q: In many buildings that have rows of closely spaced windows, it is almost impossible to avoid having vertical expansion joints against the window frame. In these cases, should the expansion joint line up with the jamb of the window or should it jog around the end of the lintel angle?...

    Expansion Joints for Windows


    Just for kicks, the wall that got me started things about all this:

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    Default Re: Expansion joints at window edges in masonry walls

    The split block is not enough of an issue they had to make it even more complicated ,eh?

    Do you perform a matts test or just use your IR?

    Other question is are they using lintels as they are supposed to.
    Looks like I see a shadow that they did but not sure.

    Also curious what you tell them in your report about split block.


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