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    Default Exposed Tarpaper on Interior of Garage

    I often see exposed tarpaper on the interior of unfinshed spaces (garage walls, roofs, etc.) Is there any requirement to cover this material for fire safety? (Similar to paper barrier on insulation?)

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    Default Re: Exposed Tarpaper on Interior of Garage

    None that I have ever heard of and for good reason. Try putting a match to tar paper and see how quickly it burns.

    Mike Lamb
    Inspection Connection, Inc.

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    Default Re: Exposed Tarpaper on Interior of Garage

    The IRC (R302.9) requires interior finishes to have a Flame Spread Index of 200 or less and Smoke-developed index of 450 or less. I believe that most modern building papers meet these requirements, but look for an ASTM E-84 or UL 723 stamp on the paper. This requirement does not apply to concealed spaces (crawl space and attic). See Section R302.10 for insulation FS and SD requirements in these areas.

    Thom Huggett, PE, SE, CBO


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