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    Default CertainTeed WeatherBoard cement fiber siding

    Has anyone seen any information about a class action law suit against CertainTeed WeatherBoard cement fiber composition lap siding? {similar product to HardiPlank or HardiePlank depending on how you want to spell it}

    Would be no surprise, since almost all siding manufacturers have been sued at some time or another.

    go to:

    CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding Settlement

    I have a client asking. Most of the homes in this 2002 to 2007 subdivision have similar problems to some degree. Personally, I feel that the problem he is seeing is more due to sloppy installation than product defect. Any feedback or supporting information would be appreciated. Also note that I did not personally verify that the siding is CertainTeed WeatherBoard - the builder leaves a home book in the house after construction for the new owner that lists the contractors and building products used.

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    Default Re: CertainTeed WeatherBoard cement fiber siding


    I consulted on a townhome community that was in the class. The problems we noticed the most was vertical fracturing of the siding material. There were 15 units and if you divide the total cash payout by 15, $1487.10 each.
    This payout will not even come close to making the necessary corrections and repairs. there are also quite a few installation errors that have caused material degredation which are not covered. The units need to be completely resided. an estimated cost is 10k to 12k per unit. I am sure there will be areas of hidden damage from moisture intrusion behind the siding and this would be extra.
    Below is the settlement they got back.
    Dear Ms ---------:
    We received your information and apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused. We understand the pride our customers take in the appearance of their property and thank you for choosing CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ fiber cement siding.
    In response to a concern of cracked siding panels, ----- ------- performed a field inspection of the above referenced property on 10/09/-- with your attorney (-------) and your 3rd party inspector present. Based on the findings from the inspection, we have found some material justified for replacement. See attached summary sheet for details.
    Warranty Information: The CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding Limited Warranty includes SureStart Protection TM that covers replacement siding and labor for a period of 2 years from the date of the original installation for the original property owner. Upon expiration of SureStart Protection TM, the limited warranty covers only the siding on a prorated basis. In this instance, the claim was initiated with our company in September 2013 and the original installation date has been reported as 2005. Therefore, SureStart Protection TM expired in December 2007 and any labor costs incurred are not covered. You are entitled to a prorated amount of siding based on your installation date. However, in order to assist in resolving your claim, we have decided to offer you the options below to choose the resolution that best meets your needs. These options are the maximum allowable resolutions under the terms of the limited warranty.
    As also indicated under the Limitations section of the warranty, CertainTeed will have no liability for any failure, defect or damage caused by circumstances and events beyond normal exposure conditions and/or beyond CertainTeed’s control, including, but not limited to: Improper installation or installation not in accordance with CertainTeed’s written instructions in place at the time of the original installation of WeatherBoards Fiber Cement Siding. Should you choose the material replacement option, your contractor may access our most current Weatherborads Installation Manaual at CertainTeed ? Manufacturer of Quality Building Products - CertainTeed.
    q Replacement Siding Option: We will authorize replacement for pieces of 6-1/4” CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ Cedar Lap Siding Prefinished colors TBD. Please note the replacement siding will be covered under a continuation of the original warranty. Since your SureStart Protection has expired, the limited warranty provides for a prorated amount of replacement siding based on the date of installation. However, in the interest of resolving your claim, we will authorize siding to fully replace the affected walls. Understand that due to the applicable limited warranty coverage, you would be responsible for all costs related to the removal, disposal and replacement of the siding. If you select this option please mail or email our office a copy of this document indicating that you prefer to proceed with this option.

    At this time, we need the following information in order to continue the resolution of this claim:
    The name and location of the supplier from which you or your contractor currently purchases our siding products. Please make sure the supplier has an “active” account with our company and is willing to process the warranty claim.
    q Refund for Siding Option: We will provide you a cash settlement for the affected material in the amount of $22,306.60. The cash settlement amount is equal to the original cost of the siding per your original invoice(s). If you have not provided us with your original invoice for the siding, we have calculated the reasonable cost of the siding based on the date of your installation. If this Option is selected, you must sign, and have witnessed, the attached Release that releases CertainTeed from any further responsibility for the siding on the affected walls as noted above. Note: After we receive the completed Release in our office, please allow us 3-5 weeks to process the paperwork to have your check issued.

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