A caveat; I am sure that the guys in the videos fully adjusted and tested the door operation and all hardware before they stuck out their shoulders. This is not the correct way to test a door operator for entrapment …..in other words do not do this! ! Also note that the travel must be adjusted as does the force, else there still could be entrapment with injury or death…..

We have discussed the methods of testing garage doors as directed by manufacture, Consumer Products and Underwriters Labs. Recently we seemed to have settled what on contact means along with the concept of “force” that may be required to cause the reversal of door direction by the motor operator. The following two videos show what should happen if the door meets an obstruction in either operating direction. As far as I can tell there is no edge sensor attached to either door, so it is a matter of the motor operator adjustments. P.S. there is no recommendation for or against the door installation company.

AusTex Garage Doors - Don't Do This at Home {{downward obstruction}}}


Safety Reverse Demonstration for Older Operators {{ downward and upward obstruction}}


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