Hello everyone,
i wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I have been 'hawking' on this site for a month and am very impressed by the amount of knowledge I am reading and absorbing. Impressed probably isn't the only word...I am blown away!
i moved to Florida in mid sept 2015. My mother had passed October of 2014 and my baby 'momma',if you will excuse the term,(we were never married)wanted to be with her parents as they are getting up there in age. We haven't been together for the last 4 yrs. Rather than keep her from our 8 yr old daughter or be separated from me I made a HUGE decision to uproot from Pa leave my job as an electrician in a local hospitals maintenance department after 30 yrs of service...boom!
I figured it was nice down here and didn't want to wait for retirement to do the big move anyway.who knows if I'll be able to do much by then. I plan to do a lot of fishing and being with my lil girl was of most importance.it also helped that my girlfriend of three yrs was all for it made the decision that much easier...hard part was leaving friends and older daughter(24) and other family members...
So anyway sorry for the lengthiness of this post.i have taken a course for becoming a home inspector and was really confident that I was going to do well on the exam.after taking a practice test I barely passed. That was in early December. I have since been gathering and absorbing so much more information thanks to this forum and the knowledge of everyone and everything I have read. I'm just glad I didn't get too cocky and taken the test right away...a little humility goes a long way.
I believe the amount of info that we are to know could possibly warrant a engineering degree. Lol
wish me luck and I look forward to getting all the knowledge I can from the vets on this board...
Thanks...Semper Fi......Mike Agosta

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