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    Default Multiple hairline cracks in stucco homeowner says have been 'repaired'

    We were interested in buying this home ... walking through it fits all of our needs. Then we walked around it outside and saw the condition of the stucco. Multiple hairline cracks everywhere. Voiced our concern to the realtor showing the home about the condition of the stucco and he said all of those lines are the repairs that the homeowner had made and everything is ok. Need some professional opinion ...

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    Default Re: Multiple hairline cracks in stucco homeowner says have been 'repaired'

    Hello 'Debbie
    There are several other threads on the subject of stucco cracks.
    Check out this one where a good discussion of possibilities of causes and cures was opined.
    'Multiple Hairline Cracks in Stucco' started by Pete S.

    Your first picture shows a possibility of lack of kick-out flashing - picture is not the right perspective to tell if there is kick-out flashing at that gutter/wall location.
    The other pictures appear to indicate poor application methods.

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