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    Default What to expect from a maid refresh service?

    The tasks that the company would perform in the maid refresh services are many. This generally involves all the surfaces, walls, and floor cleaning. A basic internal cleaning would include:

    • Sweeping the floor, vacuuming, and the thorough mopping of the floors
    • Wiping off the countertops, all the surfaces, the bathrooms counters sinks, and the toilets

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    Default Re: What to expect from a maid refresh service?

    Steven, here is an idea for you (but I doubt you will do it as you don't care about anyone other than yourself posting useless posts on this board):

    Scroll all the way to the bottom.

    See that forum with the title: Articles From The Inspection Community ... yeah, this one ?

    If you are going to post useless information for those who use this board ... you know "home inspectors", then post it where it should be posted for public readers - under the forum for articles from the inspection community, like yourself.

    That way the rest of us can ignore your useless posts. I hope I am not being to crass about your crassness.

    Jerry Peck
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