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    Default fire-resistive wall in garage

    The new construction inspection I performed today had the HVAC unit installed in a garage closet on the living space side wall. Doesn't the closet door need to be fire-rated?


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    Default Re: fire-resistive wall in garage

    no , just 18 inches up from floor to burners

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    Default Re: fire-resistive wall in garage

    Don't forget about combustion air requirements.

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    Default Re: fire-resistive wall in garage

    First, it is not a (see thread title) "fire-resistive wall in garage", unless Texas requires a fire-resistive rated wall between the garage and the living space - which is above and beyond what is required by the IRC.

    Second, then, becomes several questions:

    - Was the wall around the closet continuous without any openings or penetrations (such as wiring, refrigerant lines, ducts, etc,)?

    - Was the duct flexible duct, duct board, or 26 gage metal? The duct is required to be 26 gage metal being as it is in the garage and penetrates the walls or ceiling of the garage?

    - As Richard P. said, was any ignition point of the equipment at least 18" above the garage floor?

    - As Kevin said, the door to the garage would need to not be sealed and be open (full) louvered (even that might not be enough) allowing combustion air to be properly communicating with the garage space, or, did it have other combustion make-up air available?

    - You asked "Doesn't the closet door need to be fire-rated?", if it were, it would complicate providing proper combustion make-up air (see above).

    - Was that unit insulated sufficiently to be allowed outside the thermal envelope?

    Those should do for starters ...

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    Default Re: fire-resistive wall in garage

    not enough info. is the hvac equipment fuel fired or electric? what type of openings are there in the common wall? is the common wall drywalled?


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