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    Default Wood/Resin Sub Flooring

    Both Weyerhauser and Advantech offer wood/resin flooring to be used in lieu of plywood. The claims and press releases are great, but has anyone used this material? Inspected it?

    We have so many warranty issues that would seem to be lessened by moving to one of these.

    Any insight?

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    Default Re: Wood/Resin Sub Flooring


    I have seen Advantech during a couple of new construction phase inspections. It was used in upscale houses, It did not appear to delaminate like plywood or absorb water and swell like OSB. The ones I have seen have also been 1 1/8" thick. I do not know how it holds nails like for wood flooring.

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    Default Re: Wood/Resin Sub Flooring

    I've never used the Weyerhauser product, but I've used a lot of 3/4" Advantech in construction projects.
    I have no complaints with it. It's an OSB product, but with better strength and definitely with less water absorbency. It's a dense product; nail holding isn't a problem.

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    Default Re: Wood/Resin Sub Flooring

    Did a phase inspection were the sub left a window open over night and it rained on it ,water was beading up like a newly waxed car surface,so i'd say its more water proof than regular OSB or plywood.


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