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    Default Safety glazing and sunken rooms

    This ICC interpretation concerning residential structures is also interesting. A window near any change in elevation that has a riser such as a sunken living room with one step down would qualify for safety glazing if a window was in the area.

    Q: In accordance with the provisions of Section R201.3 of the International Residential Code, a stairway, as defined in the International Building Code, is a change in elevation consisting of one or more risers. Is a stairway consisting of
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    SECTION R308.4, ITEM 10
    a single riser considered a hazardous location for the purposes of glazing and therefore subject to the provisions of Section R308.4, Item 10 of the International Residential Code?
    A: Yes. A single riser, by definition, is a stairway. Therefore, glazing adjacent to a single-riser stairway must comply with the applicable provisions for a hazardous location, unless specifically exempt in the code.

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    Default Re: Safety glazing and sunken rooms


    Code or not I've always recommended that any glass near a step or change in the floor elevation be safety glass.

    IRC codes don't mean much to anyone at the hospital emergency room.


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    Default Re: Safety glazing and sunken rooms


    That is correct.

    I've pointed that same thing out here many times - that a single step is a "stairway".

    However, it does not need a handrail, and the "landings" at the top and bottom are the floors so there are no "treads" to be concerned with.

    The riser height applies to the single riser, though.

    As does everything else which relates to, of, or around a "stairway", which includes hazardous locations for glazing.

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