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    Default American-made "synthetic" drywall now in court

    Here's an article I ran across. You guys might find it interesting.

    Apparently someone installed American-made "synthetic" drywall by Georgia-Pacific and is now claiming the same problems identified with the Chinese stuff. They're claiming sulfur smell, electronic components breaking down, etc.

    It's led to a class action suit.

    Here's the article:

    Class Action American Drywall Article

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    Default Re: American-made "synthetic" drywall now in court

    Interesting, thank you.

    How to get rid of polluting coal by-products?

    Hide it in plain sight between two sheets of paper and hang it on the wall.

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    Default Re: American-made "synthetic" drywall now in court

    Lets blame somebody. How about the chinese? Oops!

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    Default Re: American-made "synthetic" drywall now in court

    Hey, if there is someone else around, anywhere, blame them, that always works.

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    Default Re: American-made "synthetic" drywall now in court

    Unfortunately, no one knows how widespread the problem is or isn't. I know there are several invalid testing methods out there that will produce false positives on good drywall. So, I'll believe American stuff is bad too when they verify there are no sheets of Chinese drywall in the building. Until then, I question the testing method.


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