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    MLS says abundance of Gumwood. Anyone with any information on this wood?

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    They didn't say what kind of gum? I was able to find that sweet gum grows in your area.

    PlantFiles: Detailed information on Sweetgum, Red Gum Liquidambar styraciflua

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    It gives the termites something to chew on

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    Gumwood was a substitute wood for finer woods like oak and was used extensively from 1900 through 1930 in middle income homes. It was widely used in the north east.

    Since the grain borders on featureless it was usually painted, though sometimes stained and varnished.

    Most folks are shocked to hear that it was intended to be painted from day one and it wasn't painted by some n'er do well on an alcohol inspired whitewashing extravaganza.


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