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    Question 2x12 Floor Joists - Horizontal Crack

    I inspected a house yesterday that was less than a year old. The floor joists were 2x12 16 on center and the span was 16 feet. There were several (12 or more) that were cracked. The crack was horizontal and it went from one end of the board to the other. What would make these boards crack within less that a year.

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    I believe it's called "checking" and is often not a problem. I see it more often in larger beams but it can happen with 2X dimensional lumber as well. It really depends on how large the cracks are. If there are large cracks around a big knot it can crack and split all the way through to one edge which is definitely a problem. Generally, smaller cracks are not a problem.

    Do you have any pictures?

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    Default Re: 2x12 Floor Joists - Horizontal Crack

    First of all it is unusual to see 2x12's instead of 2x10's for a 16' span, but that should not have anything to do with it. A crack from one end to the other and to have twelve of them in one floor system is rare, sounds like they may have gotten some really green lumber.

    I see this more in treated lumber that has not been kiln dried.

    And like Matt said......
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    Do you have any pictures?


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