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    Default Ceiling in utility room

    This has been discussed before,although I could not seem to locate the thread. Can there be openings in the utility room ceiling. There was living space above this area. House was built in 07

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    Default Re: Ceiling in utility room

    The ceiling/floor assembly/separation should be at a minimum draftstopped. Cannot see enough nor know enough of the circumstances to determine if any possibly required fireblocking has also been compromised. Appears outside wall lower level with fuel-fired appliances are present, unknown but assume using outside DV air for combustion (two PVC vents).

    Unknown if single family free-standing residence or multi-family (condo, townhome) or some other (commercial, mixed use) occupancy. Not clear if this utility room serves the living space above either (i.e. rated floor/ceiling assembly).

    Taping & muding marks and rough cut ceiling void edge: appears to have been a complete assembly at some time - now missing ceiling sections.

    Not pleased with PVC supports or Gas (black pipe) supports, which was apparently the reason the HVAC or Plumber hacked the ceiling in the first place. See Pex exposed in ceiling cavity, should be protected from UV (light spectrum) and sunlight I believe.

    Here is one of many topic posts on the subject of draftstopping and fireblocking:

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    Default Re: Ceiling in utility room

    If the room is designated a mechanical room and is attached to a mechanical chase that is firestopped from the living space it could be allowed,. Pictures don't show enough to support this theory.

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    Default Re: Ceiling in utility room

    From the limited view shown, it looks like it needs to be fireblocked at that ceiling level.

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    Default Re: Ceiling in utility room

    Sorry about the pics, I could not access the area. Above the missing drywall is strand board sub floor. This is a single family home built in 2007. The furnace is a high efficieny and there is also a high efficiency boiler in the room.


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