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    Default Window Condensation

    There seems to be a moisture issue here but I was not able to pin point the cause.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    No humidifiers in use, only happening at one corner bedroom facing north and east. I'm thinking possibly from the window treatments??

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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    Is this the only window in the home that is doing this?



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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    It is happening only at 2 windows in the same room. This one appeared to have condensation between the panes where the other window did not but still had signs of moisture at the surrounding area.

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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    Moisture between the panes is not a condensation issue of course.

    Is this in a bedroom by chance? Perhaps several occupants sleep in this room, which will cause a high moisture content in the air. If this is a master bedroom, then the moisture would have come from sleeping occupants as well as from the bathroom.

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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    It is a small bedroom, no bathroom, I believe 2 elderly occupants.

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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    Lots of things can cause excess moisture. Cooking, breathing, a backventing furnace. If only in one room and that room is being used, probably breathing. If older people, maybe they are using a humidifier.

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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    If they are keeping the drapes closed at night it could definitedly cause condensation, and should evaporate soon after the drapes are opened.

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    Default Re: Window Condensation

    I see this topic is a few weeks old, but I figured I'd throw this in anyway.

    Any idea what the humidity level was in the house? I observed a house once with a very high, concentrated, moisture content that was actually created by an over-pressurized hydronic heating system. This was introducing moisture into the bedroom, creating moisture on exterior walls and on the inside of windows. Just a thought.

    I would find it hard to believe that breathing alone would introduce enough moisture to raise the dew point in that room that much.


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