My client consulted a contractor to eliminate very small amount of springyness on a portion of a kitchen floor that directly bears on what seems to be a massive concrete slab. (builder must have had more concrete than needed and used it under the part that did not require a crawl space for plumbing etc)

I told my client that the resistance that you can find in the floor of a gothic cathedral is not necessarily a good thing for your spine. A little give is good for the body.

Anyway I said, "I would prefer a little give but If you want to stiffen the floor try fill most sections with an expanding foam rather than tearing all of the subfloor up and replacing the 2x4'sthat are lying on 1x sleepers with 2x6's."

My client planned to cover the existing resilient flooring with genuine solid hardwood so the holes needed to inject expanding foam chemicals would not be a problem and a lot of time and money would be saved.

There is already polyethylene directly on the concrete and my client said it is under the sleepers.

So, here is my question: What would be a good foam to use?

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