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    Default Adhesive around glass

    It appears the adhesive is seeping out from around the glass in these doors. What causes this and is it shot. Built in 1995.

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    Default Re: Adhesive around glass

    Elevation at location?

    Not specifying elevation/alt. for mfg & delivery from mfg, pressure tubes, etc. for sealed glass units.

    UV exposure? Not specifying reflective coatings/film; intense reflection from I/S or O/S unit concentrated heat/expansion failure.

    Is it actually adhesive (black?) or gasket failure from unit (??) or a collection of yuck, soot, algae, mildew, etc. and water/condensate drainage path (looks more likely to be such). Looks to be a "skinned" exterior with wood retaining trim. Perhaps a manufactured/engineered wood core, steel door, etc. fixed panel/light section of door unit with problem seal from weather/rain and drainage path/drying/rotting wood, etc. Perhaps glass unit was replaced on site and wrong setting adhesive/caulk was used to in-set sealed glass unit, exposure to harsh chemicals (such as paint strippers, ammonia (and not rinsed), bleach, TSP not neutralized properly) saturations in the past.

    Suspect some biologic growth, possible breakdown chemically or due to age of adhesive/caulk/gasket within door unit setting glass, note black residue/collections on other surfaces adjacent, below (threshold, etc.), and above. Trim/retaining moulding appears separated and paint lifting. Oil based primers/paint can support mildew growth, Ammonia is a nitrogen source.

    Collections from I/S or O/S burning (fire place, pit, grill, etc.) etc. also possibility. See no obvious signs of seal failure between glass layers unit in picture so possibility the glass unit can be reset in the fixed panel and replace moulding, perhaps you saw/see something different.

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    Default Re: Adhesive around glass

    Thanks. It was adhesive covered with soot.


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