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    Default Re: Interesting reading from BSC

    Well, sure, there are a lot of problems related to new designs.

    But when you look through the pocket of the rotting trusses set into a masonry veneer wall of a 5 year old building, and you are seeing the back side of the brick veneer, I'm sorry, that's an installation issue... and it may just be because I do so much moisture intrusion work, but I am *constantly* seeing this sort of gross negligence in construction practice.

    Of course, material and design changes are contributing to all these problems, but as long as we continue to build with these materials, until we start swinging the people who are building them this way up the the ankles and lowering them slowly into vats of boiling construction adhesive as a regular lead-in to the nightly news, we will have these problems no matter what we build with.

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