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    Default Stuck in an Elevator

    Quite a week I'm having. First my deck footer fiasco and now an elevator entrapment.

    My afternoon inspection yesterday was a 2nd floor condo. The buyer let me and left so I was there by myself. After finishing, I didn't feel like looking for the stairs so I took the elevator. I get in, push the button, door closes, and elevator slowly descends. Once it stops, I'm waiting for the door to open........waiting..........waiting..........wait ing. I knew it didn't take that long to go down one floor. So I hit some buttons on the panel. Nothing. Friggin' great! Stuck in an elevator. I pushed the doors open and the car had stopped about 1 foot below 1st floor level.

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    Default Re: Stuck in an Elevator

    Good thing you checked it out.

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