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    Default CO detector requirements - new construction

    Anyone know the requirement for carbon monoxide detectors for new construction? Years ago I was told that June 2010 and newer needed one CO detector per floor and that has been what I have found installed in new houses (if they remembered at all.) However, AHJ guy told me the other day that the requirement is one per house not per floor. Is he right?

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    Default Re: CO detector requirements - new construction

    Duplicate post - already been answered on the first post.

    Not good forum practices to make duplicate posts.

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    Default Re: CO detector requirements - new construction - Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements

    Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements

    The following code sections were approved by the North Carolina Building Code Council and became effective January 1, 2011. These concern the location for Carbon Monoxide Detectors in new and existing dwellings.

    2009 NC Residential Code

    R313 Carbon Monoxide Alarms. (090609 Item B-11)

    R313.1.1 Carbon monoxide alarms. In new construction, dwelling units shall be provided with an approved carbon monoxide alarm installed outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom(s) as directed by the alarm manufacturer.
    R313.1.2 Where required – existing dwellings. In existing dwellings, where interior alterations, repairs, fuel-fired appliance replacements, or additions requiring a permit occurs, or where one or more sleeping rooms are added or created, carbon monoxide alarms shall be provided in accordance with Section 313.1.1.
    R313.1.3 Alarm requirements. The required carbon monoxide alarms shall be audible in all bedrooms over background noise levels with all intervening doors closed. Single station carbon monoxide alarms shall be listed as complying with UL 2034 and shall be installed in accordance with this code and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
    (subsequent sections will be renumbered)
    The delayed effective date of this Rule is January 1, 2011.
    The Statutory authority for Rule-making is G.S. 143-136; 143-138.

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