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    Default Drilled holes along baseboard

    Did a foreclosure today, all along bottom of sheetrock the baseboards were removed and about every 8 inches was a 3/4" drilled hole just through the sheetrock. The home had undergone foundation leveling (slab), and had also been flooded by a plumbing leak. Anyone know what the holes are for , termite treatment, mold abatement, part of leveling process?

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    Default Re: Drilled holes along baseboard


    I would guess that those holes were drilled into the wall for ventilation after the flood you mentioned.

    A restoration company did this same thing to our salon a fews years ago after a neighbor in the building had a water heater leak.

    They placed fans and moisture removal equipment in the salon for like a week to help removed the moisture from within the wall cavities.


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    Default Re: Drilled holes along baseboard

    Yep, them be flood holes!

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN


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